Brenda Hartman
(M.S.W., L.I.C.S.W.)

2233 Hamline Ave, N., Suite 523
Roseville, MN 55113
Phone: 651-697-9981

I am a survivor of stage 4 ovarian cancer. I have lived this experience personally, supported family and friends through their cancer, and gave presentations to thousands of cancer patients in group settings. Also, in my office I have seen many individuals, couples and families dealing with cancer.

I know the cancer experience is extremely difficult. It is a challenge that none of us is prepared for when diagnosed. I have found multiple methods to guide the healing process through the crisis of the diagnosis, the treatment phase and acceptance of the challenges following completion of treatment. I will share with you a process of healing through life with cancer.

I have been told numerous times that it is helpful to speak with someone who has gone through the experience themselves. We have much in common, and we have differences (my treatment is no longer used). It is an honor for me to share the strategies I used to help me heal through a diagnosis which predicted my death.

I believe we all have our own healing path. One which is totally unique to oneself. My focus is to help all who are impacted by cancer find their healing path.

Recommended links: If you have been diagnosed, are in treatment or have completed treatment and would like to have someone walk alongside you through this experience, I would honor the opportunity to meet with you. Please contact me.

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